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Burke Badenhop making his case

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Burke Badenhop, while having many irons on the fire, is getting back into form.

Marlins reliever Burke Badenhop isn’t the type to celebrate strikeouts in spring training. But the first one he picked up Tuesday afternoon had such a sweet aftertaste, he couldn’t hide it.


...when Badenhop struck out Cabrera on three pitches.

"There you can’t say it was a bad trade anymore,’’ joked Badenhop, who had never faced Cabrera before.


Fish Bytes has the interview with the Hopper.

Actually, it was a crappy trade by a lot measures. The only player still with the Marlins is the Hopper. And while he does do a great job, none of the others panned out. Then again it wasn't a complete win by the Tigers since D-Train somehow forgot how to pitch, while with the Tigers, and Miggy is doing his best impression of a character out of a Dr. Hunter S. Thompson novel.

The article goes on about Badenhop's dreams of being a movie screen writer. 

The 28-year old right hander not only wants to cement his spot in the Marlins bullpen this spring, he’s also hoping to go Hollywood soon, too. An aspiring script writer, Badenhop said he and friend Kris Braun, the 31-year old son of an agent, are collaborating on a screenplay they hope to pitch in the not-so-distant future.

This is something GameFish and I knew about way over a year ago. But I'm not sure we are allowed to give all the explicit details. Believe it or not, we do have some ethics.

The article goes on.

"Some guys play video games, I’m trying to write a movie,’’ said Badenhop, who graduated from Bowling Green with a degree in economics and whose favorite movies are SuperbadDumb and Dumber and Major League

I love Major League, haven't seen Superbad, but Dumb and Dumber, now I'm worried.

Go ahead and read the whole article linked, but forget the part about Badenhop trying to secure a spot on the 25-man roster - he is there. The Hopper was designated a Super Two after last season and you don't send a Super Two to the minors just because of spring training. Not to mention, he is doing a fine job of pitching this spring.