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Donnie "Bleeping" Murphy is now on twitter

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Donnie Murphy is now the newest Marlins player to setup a twitter account. So if you are on the twitter machine, you can follow him here:


And you probably should.

On a personal note, Donnie Murphy is the only Marlins player I have ever bought his replica jersey with the name on the back. Being a Marlins fan I know that it is foolish to put any player's name on your back since they are never around too long to make it worth spending the money. But in Murphy's case, I made an exception.

Sadly, I ended with up getting the matching surgical scars during the offseason. Actually, I think my forearm scar is longer than his. I never understood why people would proudly showoff their surgical scars until I got a couple. Now, I'm amongst the ranks as I thrust it upon unwilling observers with: "Here look at this."

I don't where I'm going with this but the bottom line is that if you do the twitter thing I recommend you add Donnie Murphy to your follows.