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Hanley Ramirez 2011 NL MVP?

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It seems that Hanley Ramirez has a fan at Yahoo! Sports who is predicting that Hanley will win the NL MVP.

Fan's perspective: Five things to expect from the 2011 MLB season

Hanley has the talent to do it, there is no question about that. But does he intestinal fortitude to do it? That remains to be seen. Can he put forth an all out effort for 162 games? Honestly, I don't know. He hasn't shown it so far, but that doesn't mean he won't. Hanley is at an age where he should be reaching his prime as a baseball player. If he will dedicate himself to his craft, awards like MVP should come easy.  Of course, the previous statement assumes Albert Pujols eventually hit his decline.

The Marlins have never had a MVP award winner, but I'm all for Hanley being the first.