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Marlins to wear stars and stripes caps again

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Like all teams, once again, the Marlins will be wearing those stars and stripes caps again this season.

Teams will again wear those cheesy stars and stripes caps -- which are supposed to be patriotic but end up cheapening the flag and the sport -- on Memorial Day, Independence Day and Sept. 11. Over the past three years, the caps have rotated from blue to red to white.

I must agree with Paul Lukas, I am not a fan of the caps.

Here is the picture of the Marlins version of the white cap. In case you have forgotten.

Go ahead and click on the link to the story, he gives the details of the changes to the uniforms for the teams that made a change. Personally, I'm a little disappointed in the Giants, they should have gone with 1905 look. A little arrogant, you bet. But they could have explained it away, or at least tried to, with their love of the history of the franchise.

It wouldn't have work, but it would have been different.