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Marlins "Home" game tickets in Seattle on sale April 1

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If you are thinking about attending the Marlins "home" game in Seattle, the tickets go on sale on Friday, April 1.

The cool thing about it is it's going to be a free-for-all.

Tickets for the Seattle Mariners vs. Florida Marlins series at Safeco Field June 24-26, go on sale to the public on Friday, April 1 at 12pm. The start time for all three games will be 7:10pm PDT.


All ticket categories will be available including locations that are normally reserved for season ticket holders, such as the KeyBank Diamond Club. Other premium ticket locations include the EQC All-Star Club and private Suites.

Rumor has it that the baseball fans in Seattle have been inquiring, in great numbers, about the tickets. Not only do they get to see a game played under National League rules, but every seat is open. I'm guessing this may be some of the biggest attended "home" games for the Marlins this year.

On another note: interleague games are done wrong. When a National League team visits an American League team, they should play under National League rules. The pitchers should bat. The fans never see that in their favorite team's stadium. Likewise, when an American League teams is visiting a National League team, the DH should be used.

That way the flavor of the differences between the leagues is presented to the fans. Making it more than just seeing a team one rarely sees.