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John Buck & Omar Infante to make up for Dan Uggla?

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Spring training optimism is abounding.  And there is nothing wrong with that but I don't think John Buck's assessment is quite right.

"You lost 30 [from Uggla], but you gained 20 with me, and you gained 10 with Omar," Buck said. "There are two players that you got 30 back. I'm not saying that we're the home run hitters by any means of Dan Uggla. He's a budding superstar.

While it is true that Buck hit 20 home runs last season, it was the only season that he did.  Looking at my rudimentary projections, I have him hitting 15.5. Let's call it 16. Now, after you take out the 9 Marlins catchers hit last year that is a plus 7 HR.

Can Omar hit 10? Yeah, that is possible. Given my back of the napkin projections, I have him at 10. Mainly due to the increase number of plate appearances.

So that is 17 HR which means we are still missing 16. Uggla hit 33 last season. Does that mean we can't win without the extra home runs? No. But it is going to take putting together more hits at the right strategic time. That isn't impossible to do, it is just harder to do.

Of course, the backup catcher may chip-in a couple.

Nonetheless, the Marlins didn't traded for replacement power.  What they are hoping for is that the likes of Mike Stanton, Gaby Sanchez and others to fill the void. And they may just do that.