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FanGraphs Fan poll: Marlins 2011 World Champions

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FanGraphs did their annual poll of their fans and it turns out they projected the Marlins to be the World Series Champions. Ok, ok, they didn't really, but they do have them winning the Wild Card and I had to help them out with the rest of the projections.

Here are the results:

Phillies      90
Marlins       85
Mets          84
Braves        82
Nationals     74

Brewers       84
Cardinals     83
Cubs          82
Reds          80
Pirates       71
Astros        60

Rockies       90
Giants        84
Padres        80
Dodgers       79
Diamondbacks  75

As we all know, once the Marlins win the Wild Card they win the World Series.

Do I think the Marlins can win 85 games? Yeah, sure. That is in the realm of possibilities. Actually, it wouldn't be that hard to achieve if the starting staff stays healthy and some members avoid sophomore slumps. Not to mention stupid, unfortunate pieing incidents.

Will 85 wins be good enough to win the Wild Card? I doubt it. It will probably take around 90+ wins to do that. Could that happen? Yeah, it could. But everything is going to have to go right. And who knows, maybe it will. However, I wouldn't bet the farm on it.

Then again, whom am I to argue with the results of a FanGraphs survey? The Marlins are the projected winners of the 2011 World Series. And I like that.