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Game Today

The Marlins are playing their last game in Jupiter for this spring. Spring training would be cool, if I actually got to go to it. But instead, it feels like an incredibly long series of day games and I hate day games. But that aside. The Marlins are once again playing their spring training roommates, the Cardinals.

The Marlins have Javier Vazquez heading to mound to start it off.

The Cardinals are going with Lance Lynn as the starter.

Game time is 1:05 pm.

This will be Javier's final start of the spring. Things to watch for are his velocity on the fast ball and basically velocity differential of the breaking pitches compared to the fast ball. Also, you might want to notice pitch command.

The game is on SNY, should you live NY. But that also probably means it is on, if you watch the games that way.

Oops, jumped ahead to tomorrow's game. Very Sorry.