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Marlins making a mistake on cuts

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It seems the Marlins are going to make a big mistake to start the season.


With three games left in Grapefruit League play, Marlins manager Edwin Rodriguez said he's "very, very close" to setting his roster, which probably will include 12 pitchers and 13 position players.

Final cuts, he said, will be made Tuesday or possibly Wednesday, after the Marlins' spring training finale against the Mets in Port St. Lucie.

Normally the Marlins carry 13 pitchers and 12 position players and this year should be no different. Especially looking at the ones who are being considered.

The Marlins have Leo Nunez and Clay Hensley locked into the closer and right-handed set-up roles. Veterans Mike Dunn and Randy Choate look to be Florida's lefty options. Right-hander Ryan Webb, acquired from the Padres in the Cameron Maybin deal, also appears to have a spot.

Randy Choate is a LOOGY who should never be allowed to pitch against a right-handed batter. Now, Choate, is a good LOOGY but that is all he is. He won't give the team at lot of innings in relief. In fact, he may be only good for one hitter, depending on the lineup.

Mike Dunn is far from being a veteran. Yeah, he has appeared in the majors in the last two years, but he has only thrown a total of 23 innings. But he is serviceable. When he doesn't walk every batter in sight, he does good work. He can get righties and lefties out.

The following idea that this is even being considered really bothers me.

Right-handed relievers Brian Sanches, who pitched Sunday in the Marlins' 6-4 win over the Nationals, Burke Badenhop and new acquisition Edward Mujica appear to be vying for two bullpen spots.

I don't think Burke Badenhop is any danger of not making the club. The man is a Super Two and no team sends a Super Two down. Not even the Marlins, and the team needs a long reliever. But if the front office persist in this line of thinking, I would assume Mujica will be the odd man out.

A bench of Wes Helms, Emilio Bonifacio, Chris Hayes (relief catcher) and some lefty hitter is good enough. If it doesn't start out that way, trust me, it will end up that way. Going with only 12 pitchers is pretty short sighted.