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Scouts assess the Marlins

Three Scouts gave their opinions on the 2011 Marlins.

Barry Jackson pens the article.

Scouts critique the Florida Marlins, express some concerns.

I will quote a very little bit of it.

One scout said he didn’t like how Hanley Ramirez (six errors) "turned it on and off this spring. Low energy some days." That should change starting Friday.

The "that should change starting Friday" is Mr. Jackson's opinion. I have very little doubt that Hanley will put forth great effort on opening day. However, the question remains, will he do it game in and game out? I don't know. But we will find out. I'm little worried reading that because 'turned it on and off...' has been his standard operating procedure in the past. However, Hanley assures us this year will be different. No reason not to take him at his word, but let's just say that it needs to be proven before I will buy in.

Go ahead and click on the link, it is a somewhat interesting read. But you already, probably, know everything in it.