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Game Today

The Marlins once again face their spring training roommates, the St. Louis Cardinals. This time the Fish are the home team.

Chris Volstad is the starter for the Marlins.

The Cardinals are sending Chris Carpenter to the hill first.

Game time is, of course, 1:05 pm.

Chris Coghlan will be starting in center field. It will be first time the expected outfield of Logan Morrison, Chris Coghlan and Mike Stanton will start as a unit. Which is good, they need to practice running over each other. You know it is eventually going to happen. Shoot, last year LoMo and Stanton nearly killed Cody a couple of times. But that is the way it goes when you have young aggressive players trying to come up with every ball hit in the air.

The game is on FSFL. So check it out, if you get the chance.