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The Marlins are still in Jupiter this time to take on the New York Mets.

Anibal Sanchez gets the start. This will be Anibal's third start against the Mets this spring. The others have gone well.

If the Mets stuck to their rotation, Chris Young would be the starter. Which would make it his third time to pitch against the Fish. But the Mets decided that the Marlins didn't need to see him three times and are opting to go with D.J. Carrasco instead.

Game time is 1:05 pm.

Chris Coghlan is once again not starting in center field. At the rate this is going, it is possible he won't play another game in the Grapefruit League which will allow the Marlins to place him on the DL for the start of the season. If that happens, he would miss, at least, the first five games before the club could activate him.