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Filed under: Marlins top 10 prospects has been busy ranking the top 10 prospects for every organization and here is their list of 10 for the Marlins.

Dominguez headlines Marlins' top 10 prospects

Also they include the year they are projected to be ready to make it to the majors.

Nothing really surprising in the list, though one could argue some with who is included and excluded and the order. But that is true of every list of prospects that is ever been posted.

While we are on the farm system, it seems that everyone and their dog has the Marlins system ranked #29. This a little bit deceiving to the health of the system. The Marlins minor league system has historically been one of the strengths of the organization. The Marlins are known for spotting and developing young talent and that hasn't changed. The reason for the low ranking is that it has been gutted by the Marlins promoting top minor league talent to the majors the last couple of years. Which is of course the goal. However, it is still quite capable of providing depth to the Marlins should the team be hit with a string of injuries in this year's campaign. And right now, that is all anyone can ask of it. There are still many interesting players on the farm, just not as many as there once was.