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Chris Coghlan is scratched for Today's Game

Chris Coghlan will once again not be in the starting lineup.

Clark Spencer has the details.

Following Wednesda's game in Lake Buena Vista, manager Edwin Rodriguez said Coghlan did not play in a minor league game as anticipated and probably would not play Thursday against the Red Sox. He said he was uncertain why Coghlan didn't play in the minor league game, but it's safe to assume his sore right shoulder remains an issue. Marlins general manager Mike Hill said the thinking remains that Coghlan will be ready for the season opener on April 1, but time is running out, obviously.

After today the Marlins only have 8 spring training games remaining, and one practice. Coghlan has appeared in only 8 games so far with none of them being after March 16. To make matters worse, he has had just 19 PA. Generally, in order for a player to be ready for the start of the season you would like to see him get 55-65 PA. That probably isn't going to happen.

Given that his arm is still sore and it will take awhile to get it into playing condition once the soreness abates and the probability he won't get enough work in at the plate, if he starts the season will the Marlins he won't be an everyday player. Hopefully he will be able to play into shape as the early season progresses. But he won't be ready initially.

If his problems persist much longer, he may start the season on the DL. I hope not, but it is a possibility.