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Marlins Players Jerseys Not Too Popular

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It turns out that no Marlins player's jersey made it into the Top 20 of ones sold.

Joe Cappozzi has the story.

Florida Marlins shut out in MLB list of most popular jerseys

This is of no surprise. One, the Marlins fan base is kinda small, as compared to the other teams. And second, the ones of us who are fans have been conditioned not to buy jerseys with players names on the back. For just as soon as you do, they are traded. It happens every time. But with the new stadium coming and the team showing signs of signing players for longterm deals, this may all change. Last year I bought my first jersey with a player's name on the back: Donnie Murphy.

Hey, the guy is known as Donnie "Bleeping" Murphy. That had to be honored. Unfortunately I didn't read the fine print where upon buying it, you end up with the same surgery scars.

JoeCap in the article makes this statement.

I’m betting Hanley and Mike Stanton will be on next year’s list.

I will take that bet. There ain't no way that is going to happen.  In fact I will strengthen Joe's position, I bet neither will be on the list. Though I will admit, Stanton scares me a little. But still, I hold to my position.

I will be glad to wrong, but I don't think I will be.