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Scott Cousins a bench player

Scott Cousins has a shot of making the team as a bench player.


Even if Stanton and Coghlan open the season with the Marlins, Cousins will be considered for one of five bench spots. Brett Hayes is in line to be back-up catcher, while infielder Wes Helms and utility man Emilio Bonifacio are considered locks.

That would leave two spots open. If infielder Donnie Murphy wins a spot, Bonifacio could serve more as a fourth outfielder. But Bonifacio might be an option to start at third base if Matt Dominguez doesn't break camp.

The Marlins also want a solid left-handed pinch-hitter, a role that might suit a veteran such as Greg Dobbs, who hit .355 as a pinch-hitter in 2008 when Philadelphia won the World Series.

Not sure I get the Dobbs thing. While what is said about 2008, three years ago, is true it really doesn't tell the whole story. For his career Dobbs is .247/.305/.421 pinch-hitter. Last season as a PH he went .122/.202/.286 in 54 plate appearances. That ain't stellar.

On the other hand, Cousins as a PH last season hit .294/.294/.647 in 17 PA. Now that is a really small sample size but it does show promise. And actually, it was a bit surprising how well he took to pinch hitting.

Cousins is a better outfielder than Dodds, who is primarily an infielder. And with Donnie Murphy, who should make the team and alas, Bonifacio, Dodds defensive skills are just redundant. Also Scott has shown signs of being a more productive left-handed bat off the bench.

Yeah, Dodds is having a good spring and is a veteran, who normally do better has a pinch-hitter than younger guys. But in this case, I would go with Cousins. The all around upside potential is much greater.