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Edwin Rodriguez wants Bonifacio in the lineup

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Oh please No! There is nothing good that will come of Emilio Bonifacio being in the lineup on a regular basis.


Rodriguez said this morning that he’d rather see Emilio Bonifacio in the lineup every day than playing the utility role he’s penciled in for but acknowledges that may not be possible.

"I would like to put him in the lineup on an everyday basis, somewhere, if it comes to that," Rodriguez said. "His energy, what he brings to the game. … I like the lineup when he’s in the lineup.

Rodriguez may get his wish if third baseman Matt Dominguez does not make the team or if Coghlan is not healthy. Otherwise … "At some point in the season when everybody starts getting a day off, he’s going to start getting more playing time."

Rodriguez says Bonifacio is above average defensively at second base and an average third baseman and outfielder.

Uh, no, he is not. In Edwin's defense, he wasn't around when the 2009 debacle took place. But Bonifacio is not an average fielder in the infield or the outfield. However, he does do a little better in left and right field than elsewhere. But for the most part, he preforms in the field as a replacement player or worse. Then there is the part that is not mentioned, he is an out machine. Of all the players who should be getting more playing time, he is not one of them.

Will this experiment ever end?