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Marlins make cuts

On Sunday, the Marlins made another round of cuts.

And now there are 37.

The Marlins trimmed four players from their spring training roster on Sunday, bringing the number still left in camp to 37. Reassigned to minor-league camp were RHP Elih Villanueva, OF John Raynor, C Clint Sammons and INF Tim Torres. Manager Edwin Rodriguez spoke highly of Villanueva, who was the Marlins' organizational pitcher of the year last season. "He's going to be in the big leagues eventually, and for many years," Rodriguez said of Villanueva, who appeared in four Grapefruit League games (including one start), going 1-0 with a 1.38 ERA.

Villanueva is not on anybody's Top 10 prospects list, however, while his stuff may not be the best in the minors, he throws strikes. Villanueva may have the best control of any pitcher in the minors and good control can take you a long way in the game.