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Baseball Musings looks at the Marlins lineup

David Pinto of Baseball Musings fame takes a look at one of the Marlins projected lineups and comes up with the following:

The series on team offense continues with the Florida Marlins. The Marlins finished fifteenth in the majors and seventh in the National League in offense last season, scoring 4.44 runs per game.


Probable lineup: 4.60 runs per game

 You really need to read to entire article to get the breath of his projections.

I came up with something different, for one, I don't think the CBSSportline's lineup is correct. But really that doesn't matter with this exercise. My projections may be waaay too optimistic, but I have the Marlins scoring 4.845 runs per game with my probable lineup. Of course, I used Nolasco as the pitcher and he hits better than the Fish's average pitcher. So that could explain a lot of the differences. Also I used the 1959-2004 model, I like that one better. But even with the 1998-2002 model, the Marlins still averaged 4.816 runs per game.

But if spring training is any indicator, the team will be lucky to average four runs a game. And trust me, spring training is no indicator.

One thing we completely agree on, I like the idea of a lineup of  Logan Morrison, Hanley Ramirez, Gaby Sanchez, Mike Stanton and Chris Coghlan to be the first five. Let's face it, other than the pitchers, no one ever bunts. The Marlins swing away.