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Sunday: Marlins Preview on FSFL

Fox Sports Florida will premiere their Marlins preview on Sunday.


MARLINS MEDA ALERT: FOX Sports Florida’s "2011 Florida Marlins Season Preview" premieres Sunday, March 20, 12:30 pm ET.


Hosted by Craig Minervini, the half-hour show evaluates the Marlins’ prospects for the 2011 season. Viewers will hear exclusive analysis of Florida’s offseason moves and interviews from the team’s top players.


The Marlins anticipate an exciting 2011 season with Manager Edwin Rodriguez returning for his first full season at the helm and the preseason special will profile the team’s most promising talent. Florida has revamped its bullpen and the starting pitching rotation looks to be one of the league’s best with Ricky Nolasco and two-time All-Star Josh Johnson anchoring the group. In addition, the Marlins signed veterans John Buck, Javier Vasquez and Omar Infante to strengthen the young and talented roster.

Reporter Frank Forte will profile the three rookies who established themselves in the Marlins lineup in 2010- first baseman Gaby Sanchez and outfielders Logan Morrison and Mike Stanton.


If you miss it, they will show it again: 3/20, 12:30 pm; 3/26, 12:30 pm; 3/27, 12:30 pm; 4/1, 6:00 pm. Hopefully you can one of those dates.


Give it a look see.