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Marlins "Home Game": No Tickets

Believe it or not the Marlins have a "home game" scheduled and there is no way to buy a ticket. Did one of the games sellout? Ha! That will never happen, unless they make the playoffs. If the organization had an inkling that a game could sellout they would be rolling back tarps in the outfield and using a crowbar to get more people in the stadium.

If you will remember the Marlins are playing a three game set in Seattle, in which the Fish are the home team due to a U2 concert in JRS  . 

Should you go to Marlins official website you will notice the "T " is missing for the three games. June 24-26. Not to be deterred, I went and checked the Marlners site. I mean the game is in Seattle after all so they may be handling the tickets. They aren't.

After that I checked Stub Hub and they did list tickets, but all of them were JRS locations.  Somehow, I don't think Safeco is laid out exactly like JRS with the exact section numbers, or at least I hope not.

So I called the Marlins ticket office and asked how do you buy tickets for the games? They said: the Marlners are handling that. To which I replied: Uh, no. They aren't. The very nice ticket agent looked it up and put me on hold. When he came back he asked me to call tomorrow. He said that he discovered what I said was true and he needed to consult with the Marketing Department.

So as it stands right now, if you want to see the Marlins play a home game in Seattle, you are out of luck. No one is selling tickets. This could only happen to the Marlins.