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USAToday article on Marlins coach Perry Hill

A bit late with this one, but it is still pertinent.

Perry Hill's unique drills give Marlins defensive edge

It is an excellent article and a must read. So click away.

Given how things are going in spring training so far defensively - the drills haven't kicked in. But maybe, soon they will. Or at least I hope so.

One quick excerpt.

"C'mon, Boni, handle the ball, c'mon. … That's OK, Domingo, that's why we're here. … Try that one again; we won't count that one.


...rookie third baseman Matt Dominguez (he's Domingo to Hill)

 So I guess Matt Dominguez's nickname is now "Domingo". Works for me.

The other thing is, I'm not surprised that Bonifacio taking infield drills isn't what you would call, magic with the glove. Somethings always stay the same.