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Gaby Sanchez on home runs this season

Gaby Sanchez isn't looking to hit more home runs, nor should he. He needs to do what he does.

From JCR.

The big question with Sanchez as a prospect was whether he would hit for enough power. His 19 homers in 2010 were the most he's totaled in any of his six professional seasons.

Getting the ball in the air isn't the problem. Only eight NL hitters had lower groundball to flyball ratios than Sanchez (.80).

"I'm not trying to go up there and hit home runs, but balls I do hit in the gap that last year weren't making it to the fence or hitting off the fence, maybe this year I hit a couple differently and all of sudden that changes from 19 to in the 20s," he said. "I'm not going to say I was over excited about [my 2010 numbers]. I know they can get better and they should get better."

 If Gaby will duplicate last season, or improve some, that is all you can ask. I have never really understood why the sophomore slump exists, but it does. Maybe it has something to do with other teams studying hitters and finding holes, I don't know. But Gaby has a good eye and pretty decent plate discipline and he doesn't try to do too much with the ball. He is coming into is own physically, so good things can be expected. However, he will never be a 30+ home run guy. Now, a 100 RBI guy is well within the framework.