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Marlins walking wounded

The Marlins have a couple of players, at the minimum, who are nursing injuries.

Joe Frisaro reports.

Veteran Wes Helms, who made the trip to Port St. Lucie on Friday, was scratched due to a sore right shoulder.


(Anibal) Sanchez suffered a bruise to the side of his right shin after he was hit with a comeback liner on Thursday afternoon.

Anibal will be reevaluated on Sunday. From my understanding he is a bit gimpy and sore at the moment. Now, he could pitch through that, he did on Thursday, but why do that again? This is spring training after all. Also, much like all immediate impacts to a bone area, it hurts worse a day or two later. If he doesn't make his next start, as scheduled, he will be ready for his first start in the regular season. He will just be on a little different schedule for the rest of the spring. No big deal.

As for Helms, I don't know what is going on there. But it is probably his shoulder complaining about being used, in a baseball way, everyday. Don't know that, but it does happen to veterans who have been in the game awhile.