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Mike Stanton's status

Mike Stanton is progressing along but if you are a subscriber to the Miami Herald I want to clear something up.

The Herald correctly reports the following:

Mike Stanton’s return from a strained right quad is going to take about a week longer than he expected. Rodriguez said Stanton, who was injured in an exhibition game against the University of Miami on Feb. 27, likely won’t make his Grapefruit League debut until the last seven to 10 days on the schedule (March 20-23). Rodriguez said Stanton, who began running Tuesday, probably will head to the minors to get some at-bats before then.

To clarify, what that means is that Stanton will face pitchers in the minor league camp part of spring training before playing in the Grapefruit League. Not that he will open the season in the minors. Just wanted to make sure that was clear.

Oh, if you do click on the link there is some crap about Emilio Bonifacio to leadoff the article.