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Games Today

The Marlins are playing a kinda, sorta day-night double header in Jupiter.

In the first game against the Mets, Anibal Sanchez takes the mound.

The Mets will send Chad Gaudin to the hill. (Or maybe Dillion Gee. Who knows? I don't know.)

Game time is 1:05 pm.

Expect the Marlins to start stretching out Anibal. Meaning he will go about five innings.

Then at 7:05 pm. the Marlins will take on the Tigers.

Sean West will be making his debut this spring, who is coming off left elbow discomfort in the AFL. Not to mention his right knee inflation at the end of last season. Sean has had a rough time recently, but the talent is still there. Let's see if the body is still willing

The Tigers will send Justin Verlander to the hill.

This is the first time the Marlins will be under the lights. Expect the squad to be split, in other words, those who play in the first game will not be those who play in the second.