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Mike Stanton out for two weeks

Mike Stanton is feeling much better but it may be two weeks before he sees real competition again.

Right fielder Mike Stanton said his strained right quadriceps felt "night-and-day better" Monday, but it still could be at least two weeks before he returns to action.


"It feels like night and day better than (Sunday),' he said. "We're still thinking around two weeks at the earliest regardless if I feel nothing (Tuesday).'

Now, just to let you know, that is Dr. Stanton's diagnosis. The training staff is waiting a few days to give theirs.

Assuming Mike paid attention in medical school (yes, I'm being flippant. I know he knows his body better than anyone.) two weeks is no big deal. He should be able to resume various baseball activities soon but the Marlins will be very cautious with him and probably keep him out of "real" games for the duration of his diagnosis.

In the meantime, that will give some other outfielders a chance to show they should be on the 25-man, as a bench player. But a word of advice to those trying out for that spot, if you don't bat left-handed it probably doesn't matter what you do in the spring. No one said that any of this was fair.