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Jeff Conine Gets An Early Start Promoting the FSFL Fantasy Auction

Every season, FishStripes makes a valiant effort to win the "Suite Experience" in the Fox Sports Fantasy auction. But each year, without fail, after we've spent nine innings bidding our hearts out, some jerk swoops in at the last second and wins it instead of us.


Will this sad reality keep us from bidding on the Suite Experience in 2011? Nope. But this year we may have to bid on something else as well, just to have a chance to experience the pleasure of winning for a change.

Jeff Conine had a suggestion for us on Twitter today:

@FSMarlins - Oh yeah, save your pennies, kiddies. We're putting together a package for the Fox Fantasy Auction of memorabilia from the trip. - Niner

We're kind of curious as to what the "memorabilia" will include. A lock of LoMo's shaved-off hair? MREs? Artillery? A vial of drool collected during one of the Mermaids performances for the troops?

Whatever it is, we're winning it. So back off.