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Mike Stanton injured on day one

Mike Stanton left yesterday's game limping.


After chopping a ground ball to Miami Hurricanes pitcher Michael Rudman, Stanton sprinted down the line, but pulled up. He stumbled at the bag and fell to the ground.

"I was about halfway down the [line], and I just felt it while bringing my leg up," Stanton said. "My quad kind of tightened up on me. We'll see how it feels tomorrow."

You can read the whole article but it doesn't sound serious at this time. Players try to simulate full-speed in the offseason, but try as they might, they can never achieve it. In order to run at a true 100% the adrenalin of competition has to kick-in, and when it does, early on many players learn they still need some more physical preparation.  This is why there is spring training.