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Hanley Hits First Homer in New Marlins Stadium

I guess if it's BP, it isn't technically the first "official" home run. Nonetheless, Hanley Ramirez was the first to go deep in the Marlins brand new ballpark, as he, Chris Coghlan, Logan Morrison, Mike Stanton, Gaby Sanchez, and John Buck took batting practice in their new home, slated to open spring of next year. (The long balls will count just a little bit more then.)

Stadium construction workers shagged fly balls and stood by to act as the home crowd, cheering on the Fish as they christened the new park. (Insert lame joke about how there were more construction workers there today than fans on any given night at Sun Life Stadium.) JoeCap was at the new park to witness the action, and posted a video of Hanley taking his swings:


Oh, and per our suggestion last week, LoMo did don a hard hat for the occasion.