Rampant Pujols Speculation Thread

With all the potential news of a Marlins signing of Albert Pujols, the biggest name on the free agent market, I figured that Marlins fans may need somewhere to vent their possible frustrations and excitement. Yes, of course there is Twitter, and you should be following @MRJManiac and @fishstripes for more details and coverage, but for now it may be best to have one place on Fish Stripes where we as fans can go nuts with our speculation.

There will be no analysis written in this post on my part (maybe in the comments, depending on what happens). There is nothing but crazy fan thoughts amid even crazier contract rumors. Feel free to say whatever crazy, Pujols-related speculation comes to your mind. This area is for getting excited. This area is for your imagination to come to life. This area is for you to post batting lineups with Pujols in them without feeling trepidation. Speculate to your heart's content. I'm listening.

Updates throughout the day on news after the jump.

- Various sources (here is Juan C. Rodriguez via Twitter) saying the Marlins are meeting with Dan Lozano, Pujol's agent later today. The Pujols situation could resolve one way or another by the end of the day.

- Marlins finished meeting with Pujols in one hour and 15 minutes and had nothing to say about it afterwards (Juan C. Rodriguez).

2:49 EST: Apparently the Marlins may be willing to give Albert Pujols the no-trade clause he is looking for (Clark Spencer of the Miami Herald)

2:51 EST: The Marlins may be out of the C.J. Wilson race, since they're in head-first into the Albert Pujols race. (Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports)

3:20 EST: Turns out David Samson the Marlins will not sign a free agent with a no-trade clause. (Clark Spencer)

11:05 EST: It looks like the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim are in on Albert Pujols as well. (Ken Rosenthal)

11:49 EST: If the Marlins cannot secure Pujols, they may finally look to Prince Fielder. (Joe Frisaro of

9:10 AM EST: So it turns out that instead of the Marlins offering a no-trade clause, they have added various post-retirement

11:42 AM EST: The Marlins scheduled a 12:15 EST press conference. It likely has to do with Jose Reyes's signing and subsequent introduction. The intriguing part is that they previously set up a presser for 2:45 EST. Why move it up (Pujols?????)? (Dave Cameron of FanGraphs)