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Fish Stripes Is Looking For Writers

You've gotten a chance to read the content of the new Fish Stripes, but now you too can have a chance to contribute at Fish Stripes! Fish Stripes is looking for authors to contribute weekly to the site in the following capacities:

- Contributing writers would be responsible for one post a week about a theme of their choice, whether it be analysis, humor, fan experience, or whatever. If analysis is to be your game, you must use a sabermetric-slanted approach. This doesn't mean you have to know everything, but you do need to come somewhat prepared. If you choose another theme, you're in the clear with regards to what and how you do your thing.

- In addition, writers have to contribute to the game recap rotation. Basically, all of us alternate between games to recap, with a rotation set prior to the beginning of the month's worth of games.

- Writers will also have to contribute one link to each of our two weekly Fish Bites link dumps.

Alternately, Fish Stripes is looking to expand our Fish Bites section to almost daily linkage to the news and events of the Miami Marlins. To do that, we are looking for:

- A once-weekly Fish Bites piece covering that day's or the previous day's various Marlins-related links. You would get to choose a day to do this and decide on what links you want to provide, as well as recap the previous day's work on Fish Stripes. You would also be free to editorialize on the links you provide, with some restrictions related to analysis that we can discuss. A Fish Bites piece would be due by noon EST.

If you are interested in any of these possible roles on the Fish Stripes team, please contact me at and we can discuss this. Right now, the easiest to get your name out there with us is to contribute weekly to Fish BItes and pick a day to do links for the site. This gets your voice heard but is otherwise a pretty easy job, so it would be a good way to start writing, if you're interested. Contact me with any ideas you have and we can always discuss those as well!