Fish Stripes Off-Topic Thread, Week of 12/31/11

Hey everyone, happy New Year's Eve! Welcome to the second Fish Stripes weekly (though not last week) Off-Topic Thread! Let's remind everyone of the rules:

- No political or religious discussion. Those are strictly against our community guidelines.

- Nothing that is NSFW (not safe for work). That includes pictures or links.

- If you upload pictures or GIFs, make sure you keep them small. Makes it easy on everyone's loading times.

- Remain cordial as you would be in the front-page threads. Think of this as a side conversation going on during a party at someone's house, Fish Stripes being the house. You still don't want to be rude while at someone else's house, even if you're off in the corner joking about that guy's tacky decor.

To give everybody some direction, here are two topics to start you guys off with:

1) As we enter the new year, what are your resolutions? Perhaps more importantly, what should the Marlins' resolutions be? What are you wishing for them for the new year?

2) Is one of your wishes Matt Garza? Apparently the Marlins are serious about him. Discuss.

Take it away guys.

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