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Which starting pitcher would you like the Fish to sign?

Roy Oswalt may be the solution.
Roy Oswalt may be the solution.
There are still some Free Agent pitchers out there looking for a team, and here they are.
Roy Oswalt
The agent for Roy Oswalt says his client is only looking for a one-year deal so he can have a chance to show he is healthy and then try free agency again next year. Teams have concerns about his back but I think it's worth a one-year deal, especially if he's out to prove himself.
Hiroki Kuroda
Likely will want around $13 million/year and is 37 years old. However, he is a solid pitcher who will eat innings and get lots of groundouts.

Edwin Jackson
A journeyman who is another inning-eater. Likely looking for a four- or five-year contract.

Paul Maholm
Maholm is a sinker-ball lefty who made $6.25 million in 2011, but ended the season on the DL with a shoulder strain. Rumors are he's talking with the Cubs.