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Which starting pitcher would you like the Fish to sign?

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Roy Oswalt may be the solution.
Roy Oswalt may be the solution.
There are still some Free Agent pitchers out there looking for a team, and here they are.
Roy Oswalt
The agent for Roy Oswalt says his client is only looking for a one-year deal so he can have a chance to show he is healthy and then try free agency again next year. Teams have concerns about his back but I think it's worth a one-year deal, especially if he's out to prove himself.
Hiroki Kuroda
Likely will want around $13 million/year and is 37 years old. However, he is a solid pitcher who will eat innings and get lots of groundouts.

Edwin Jackson
A journeyman who is another inning-eater. Likely looking for a four- or five-year contract.

Paul Maholm
Maholm is a sinker-ball lefty who made $6.25 million in 2011, but ended the season on the DL with a shoulder strain. Rumors are he's talking with the Cubs.