Fish Stripes Off-Topic Thread: Week of 12/13/11

We're introducing a new aspect to the Fish Stripes community today: weekly off-topic threads! The purpose of the off-topic thread is exactly what it says on the tin: this gives a place for Fish Stripes readers to comment on anything that is happening in the world of Miami Marlins baseball, baseball in general, or the world in general, without deviating from the topic at hand on the normal front-page posts.

This means that Fish Stripers have mostly free reign to take the topic of the off-topic thread wherever they would like. The comments need not pertain to anything in particular; indeed, I won't even suggest that you discuss the Marlins' next move in a series of rampant speculative posts at all! Just make sure you abide by the following rules:

- No political or religious discussion. Those are strictly against our community guidelines.

- Nothing that is NSFW (not safe for work). That includes pictures or links.

- If you upload pictures or GIFs, make sure you keep them small. Makes it easy on everyone's loading times.

- Remain cordial as you would be in the front-page threads. Think of this as a side conversation going on during a party at someone's house, Fish Stripes being the house. You still don't want to be rude while at someone else's house, even if you're off in the corner joking about that guy's tacky decor.

Otherwise, have fun and get to know each other, since we're going to be hanging out over the Internets for a long, but exciting, 2012 season. Feel free to post links that you see around the net about interesting stuff, Marlins-related or otherwise. Enjoy! Talk amongst yourselves now.

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