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Fish Bites

This week has been a busy one for Marlins fans everywhere, so you should expect a healthy dose of links regarding the Fish on this edition of Fish Bites.

- Dave Hyde of the Sun-Sentinel insists that if the Marlins want to reinvent themselves, they are going to have to sign a big name player. I think there are more ways to do it than signing an Albert Pujols or Prince Fielder, but the Marlins' claims of increasing payroll would look ridiculous if they, you know, didn't do it.

- That being said, given their recent link with almost all the free agents available, Jeff Sullivan asks if the Marlins aren't only changing their name and stadium, but if this is a 100 percent different organization? He writes how the comically frugal team is now rumored to have a winter spending spree and put their tiny budget woes in the rear view mirror. We wonder if the Marlins are building a sound middle market team or will be bankrupt in five years.

- We mentioned earlier this week that the Marlins were interested in Cuban prospect Yoenis Cespedes. If you missed it, we can't let Baseball Prospectus's Kevin Goldstein's incredible breakdown of Yeonnis Cespedes' equally incredible infomercial slip by without sharing it with our audience. He devotes 3,000 words to minutely breaking down the promotional video Cespedes' representatives have put together for him. It's gold. Absolute gold.

- Of course, the breakdown isn't as fun without the video itself, which was reposted. Oh, and Goldstein has an interview with the video's creator, Edgar Mercedes, regarding the video and Cespedes.

- There was apparently one tweet last night that mentioned that the Marlins have agreed in principle with Jose Reyes. I'm taking the stance of SCWS over at Marlins Daily when I say "No way, Jose" (yes, pun intended). In other words, don't get excited about it until MLB Trade Rumors or Jon Heyman say it's happening.

- Before we get too trigger-happy about free agents we haven't even visited yet (Reyes's visit is today), let's talk about the free agents who have spoken with the Fish. Mark Buehrle toured the new stadium as a part of his visit, Buehrle is likely interested, but is in no way a slam dunk, as he has many other suitors.

- A couple of weeks ago, Ehsan Kassim at Marlin Maniac mentioned that Hanley Ramirez is still the team's best player. Here, Griffin Klett of Marlins Daily disagrees with this assessment, stating it is simply too early to compare between Ramirez and his heir apparent as "face of the franchise" in Mike Stanton.

- Speaking of players still on the team, Chris Coghlan is on the mend, but his role is yet to be determined. If the expectation is for him to "return to 2009 form," then fans are going to be highly disappointed, because that 2009 form was very lucky and due for regression, and he has since regressed in a big way.

- The Marlins Community Foundation is going host its last Fish N' Chips event under the purview of the "Florida" Marlins. It will be a casino night theme, with various games and a silent auction. You'll also get to see Marlins, so go check it out this Thursday at 6:30 PM at the new ballpark.