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Fish Bites

Fish Bites missed an iteration on Saturday, and for that, I apologize. Medical school finals are approaching, so the going has been tough in terms of getting out content during those late week cram sessions. However, the Bites have returned for your consumption this Wednesday. Here are your Marlins links for the week that was.

- The Marlins brought in C.J. Wilson on Monday for the big tour, much like they did with Mark Buehrle, Albert Pujols, and Jose Reyes before him. Wilson is looking to make a deal during the Winter Meetings, so the Marlins could find out whether their pursuit of him will pay off at all. Note that Wilson is one of the few Type A free agents under the new collective bargaining agreement that will still require draft pick compensation, though for the Marlins that will begin with their second round pick.

- Juan C. Rodriguez of the Sun-Sentinel mentions that the Marlins prefer Wilson over Mark Buehrle according to one source, though that is not a surprise given their relative skills. He also said that the team still has nothing on tap for Prince Fielder, which I am actually OK with. Fielder would be an expensive option for the Marlins in any case.

- The Marlins have some interest in Carlos Guillen (H/T Brendan Tobin) as a utility infielder. At this point, I'm not exactly sure that Guillen can even play a position in the infield, so I am inclined to pass.

- We linked a piece last week regarding the botched parking deal the city of Miami agreed to with the Marlins with regards to the new stadium. Yeah, it does not look good, and it's unlikely that the Marlins will renegotiate the deal in light of the taxes for which the city will be liable. Yet another reason why publicly-funded stadiums are not a good deal for the cities that build them.

- We also mentioned a few weeks back that Billy the Marlin will be undergoing a design change given the new color scheme of the Marlins. Well, while this may not be the official look of the logo, it is a supposedly leaked promotional image. Honestly, it doesn't look bad at all, and at least the new Billy will retain the teal-ish color of the old Billy on most of his head.

- Bryan Petersen is apparently a very talented guy. Aside from his baseballing, he is a film producer and is looking to do a documentary on the American Dream (not this American Dream, sadly). Best of luck to you PeteyPipes.

- Our favorite manager Ozzie Guillen is on the cover of ESPN the Magazine. I suppose when it comes out, we should read the interview.