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Fish Stripes All-Time Florida Marlins Team Second Baseman Announced

You fans voted, and the writers of Fish Stripes have voted as well, and the Fish Stripes All-Time Florida Marlns Team second baseman is ready to be announced.

First, your voting results:


Luis Castillo was an overwhelming favorite over the more recently deposed Dan Uggla. The fans were firmly in favor of Castillo, but what about the writers of Fish Stripes?

Voter 1st 2nd
Michael Castillo Uggla
FS Writers Castillo Uggla
FS Readers Castillo Uggla

It was unanimous! Congratulations to Luis Castillo of the 1996 to 2005 Florida Marlins for being the Fish Stripes All-Time Florida Marlins second baseman!

The Marlins second base voting went as smoothly as it could, with all three parties agreeing that Castillo had an edge over Uggla in the voting. Despite their very close similarities in terms of annual value, the kicker was very clearly Castillo's longevity and the role he played in two different World Series champions, particularly the 2003 team. Congratulations again to Luis Castillo for being the latest inductee into the Fish Stripes All-Time Florida Marlins team!