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Fish Bites

Another Wednesday means another round of links for the Fish Stripes readership. Here are your midweek Bites.

- Dan LeBatard asks some interesting questions about the new Miami Marlins, including what most people have been asking: Are the Marlins free agent offers to Albert Pujols, Jose Reyes, etc. genuine or are they intentionally low balling just to get good press?

- Speaking of press and speaking with free agents, the Marlins have set up a meeting with free agent starter C.J. Wilson. The meeting should occur after Thanksgiving. If you'll recall, Wilson was part of my plan for offseason success.

- In their quest for a closer, the Marlins apparently are interested in Colorado Rockies reliever Huston Street. Street would be expensive at $8 million in 2012, but the commitment would only be for one season. On the other hand, the team would have to trade someone. Allow me to pass.

- Joe Frisaro of has his latest inbox piece, which includes the question of whether the Marlins could bring back any of the myriad of Diaspora from the team's past. Frisaro believes that of all the former Fish in the free agent market, the only one that may come back is Livan Hernandez. Hey, it would at least be fitting to hear him yell "I LOVE YOU MIAMI!" once again.

- Mike Berardino of the Sun-Sentinel asks what would happen if all the players the Marlins made offers to so far accepted those deals? If such a thing would happen, the world would explode and none of us would have to worry about it.

- Yoennis Cespedes was in the news last week with his demands. Peter Gammons initially reported that he was seeking "$35 to 50 million." It seems that number has gotten larger, with a team already offering $10 million up front. At what point would Cespedes get too expensive for the Fish? Talented as he may be, he still has not played in the majors.

- Frisaro also reports that while a lot of eyes are on Cespedes, another Cuban youngster is on the team's radar. The Marlins are apparently eyeing 19-year-old Jorge Soler as well.

- Ricky Nolasco is looking to bounce back in 2012. We want you to succeed Ricky, but you are the most confusing pitcher I have ever witnessed in baseball. I'd love to ask him what is going on when he pitches with runners on (Baseball Prospectus subscription required).

- Carlos Salcedo of Marlins Daily asks if the Fish should even spend this offseason. He cites commentary from ESPN's Keith Law and Sports Illustrated's Joe Sheehan. The problem is that the Marlins have somewhat painted themselves into a corner; while they could not spend this offseason and go a more conservative route in order to save for another offseason, their move to the new stadium almost necessitates a "show of faith" to the fanbase that the ownership is "trying." They could be trying and failing to find the appropriate deals for players, but if no one signs, fans will view it as "more of the same," whether it is fair or not.

- In the hype of the new ballpark, most Marlins fans don't want to think about anything negative regarding the stadium, but it looks like the team and city managed to overlook a key part of the lease agreement that may cost the city up to $2 million a year in taxes while leaving the team free to collect all profits derived from parking. More fuel to the fire to the whole "corrupt stadium deal" argument.

- From Strip Club With Stanton, we have two awesome new things: this shirt and this act. Clicking is a necessity.