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Fish Stripes All-Time Florida Marlins Team First Baseman Announced

You Fish Stripers have voted, and now the results are in for the Fish Stripes All-Time Florida Marlins Team first baseman. First, your votes:


Taking the fan voting by a solid 57 percent, the readers of Fish Stripes chose Derrek Lee as their All-Time Florida Marlins first baseman. Let's see how the rest of the Fish Stripes crew voted.

Voter 1st 2nd 3rd
Michael Conine Lee Sanchez
FS Writers Lee Conine 4-Way Tie
FS Readers Lee Conine Sanchez

Based on the voting, congratulations to Derrek Lee of the 1998-2003 Florida Marlins for being the Fish Stripes All-Time Florida Marlins First Baseman!

The final points, with first place earning five points, second place earning four, and third place earning three points, looked like this.

Player 1st 2nd 3rd Points
Lee 10 4 0 14
Conine 5 8 0 13
Sanchez 0 0 6 6

Sanchez got the benefit of the doubt from both me and the readership, while the third place vote from the rest of the crew was split four ways, with each writer voting a different player! As for the top, both the Fish Stripes writers and readers chose Lee over Conine, particularly because Conine is eligible for corner outfield voting and could beat out the numerous other contenders at the position. I had a different team in mind, but I'm interested how the voting goes from here.

Congratulations again to Derrek Lee, and I'll be glad to imagine his long frame blasting homers for the All-Time Marlins!