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Miami Marlins Debut Event Open Thread

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OK, Marlins fans have been talking about it all day. We have seen the jerseys (probably). We have debated to death the merits of said jerseys. We have heard about the offers to big-name free agents like Albert Pujols and Jose Reyes. We have been restless all day regarding tonight's big event.

The moment is almost upon us. At 9 pm EST, the Marlins will be reborn as the Miami Marlins, and a new era of Fish will begin. And you Fish Stripers will be here to join us in commemorating or denigrating this occasion, depending on how you feel. Tonight, we officially see the new jerseys, check out the players in said jerseys, and ring in the arrival of the Miami Marlins. And hey, we may even see the arrival of a new Miami Marlin (though the odds are very small).

Here's what you guys have to do: comment, chat, and enjoy the ride. I will be here throughout the pre-game and event discussing whatever it is pops into the minds of the Fish Stripes readership. Ted Hill should be dropping in as well, as well as some of the other writers on the site. For the first time in the team's history, let's talk Miami Marlins baseball for a change.

After the jump, I'll put up bulletin points with updates regarding the event much like a live blog. I'll also be in the comments section talking about this exciting new time. Let's find out how ridiculous our team may or may not look!

- Jeffrey Loria mentioned that the Marlins' jerseys, both home and away, will feature Miami. The orange jersey will be the alternate jersey.

- Loria described the colors as follows:

Red = Miami sky
Orange = citrus industry
Yellow = Miami sunshine

- Here are you official Marlins jerseys that are available for sale on the online shop. 

- Here are the caps. I'll be getting the black one and ignoring the orange one with all my power.