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#Fishstripes: Reyes, Cespedes, Snake Blood, and the last Florida Marlins

This weeks edition of #Fishstripes (working title, suggestions welcomed) won't be as extensive as last weeks. With Law school exams approaching I find that my time devoted to marlins related randomness is shrinking (this makes me very unhappy).

I'm just going to dive right into this thing, this week's edition will have a free agency feel to it. 

LoMo (@LoMoMarlins) Tweet of the Week: Click Click

I'm kind of cheating this week since LoMo didnt actually tweet this, he did retweet though and had it not been for his RT I most likely would have never come across this one. But honestly, how could I pass up sharing a picture of not only LoMo, but Ty Wigginton about to drink snakes blood. Sounds like the beginning of a good joke. LoMo and Ty Wigginton walk into a bar and order two shots of snakes blood...Rumor has it that snakes blood adds at least 10 points to ones OBP, can you confirm, @MRJManiac

Fan Tweet of the Week: Click Me (Thanks to @Brendan_Tobin)

Responding to @MRJManiacs tweet regarding Ryan Madson's reported deal. @Brendan_Tobin hit back with a classic response. Though he didn't use the #fishstripes tag (tsk tsk), this tweet was too good to pass up for this week's feature. It begs the question, if Juan Carlos formerly known as the "Leo Coaster" comes back, what happens to his stats? do they reset? 

Jose Reyes

Reyes seems to be the hot topic of the week, especially after "lunch-gate 2011", where Jeffrey Loria, Ozzie Guillen and Reyes wined and dined at local establishment Joe’s Stone Crab. This meeting seems to be sending shockwaves through the Marlins and Miami community, possibly signaling the beginning of the Marlins "promised" shift to become a higher spending team. We’ve heard reports of three-year deals worth a bit over $20 million. We’ve already had mockup Reyes photos in Marlins garb (Thanks to our friend at; the countdown to Reyes seems to have begun. In celebration of all that is Jose Reyes, I offer you this excellent music video by none other than Mr. Reyes.

Video After the Jump

Jose Reyes, Voltio, Vakero, Poeta Callejero & Big Mato "No Hay Amigo" Official Video (via dominicanodequeens)

Here’s my prediction: Jose Reyes signs a three-year deal with the Florida Marlins to perform on Super Saturdays. That’s right, Super Saturdays. I believe that a team option for a fourth year based on increased attendance on those Super Saturdays, might also be in the discussions. If you thought Reyes baseball skills could help the Marlins, there is no question his rapping skills would do the same for Super Saturdays.

Yoennis Cespedes

If you haven't heard of this guy, no worries. Basic info, he's a CF from Cuba that the Marlins are potentially interested in (for my purposes thats enough). I'm not here to agonize over questions like whether he will transition well to the MLB or what his value as far as dollars might be. My purpose for introducing Yoennis to you is to give everyone the opporunirty to watch what might be the baseball workout video of the century. Before moving forward I would like to point out two excellent articles written by Kevin Goldstein (@kevin_goldstein) from Baseball Prospectus (article 1 and 2). He covers the workout video far better than I possibly could. So sit back and get ready to see what may look like a cross between an NFL running back & a worlds strongest man competitor. This guy is ridiculous and could possibly be roaming CF for the Marlins in 2012.   

Yoenis Cespedes: The Showcase (via MrMousies)

Farewell, Florida Marlins....Hello Miami Marlins.

Today is the last day the our beloved Fish will be known as the Florida Marlins. Tonight, as most of you know, the team will unveil its new logo, unforims, etc, and become the Miami Marlins. I could write a blurb complaining about the uniforms, logo or name change from Florida to Miami (personally, not a fan). Instead, I am choosing to honor the past history. There is no better way to do that than with a video montage. Farewell Florida Marlins, it's been fun. Now its time for me to go back and hit the books, until next week. (@marlinsmr)

Farewell, Florida Marlins (via DBLHugg)