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Joe Espada Returning, Perry Hill a question mark

Joe Espada will be with the Marlins next season. However, Perry Hill is still in doubt.


Third base coach Joe Espada will return to the Marlins next year, but his exact duties are unclear. Espada is expected to return as third base coach but his defensive assignment will be determined once the Marlins settle on a first base coach.

New manager Ozzie Guillen had talked to incumbent Perry Hill last week, but Hill might not return because of a bad knee. Although a final decision has not been made, several people in the organization don’t expect Hill to return.

Bullpen coach Reid Cornelius also will return in 2012.

Very glad that Espada and Cornelius are returning but would like Hill to come back also.


While it is very true that Hill has some knee problems and maybe he needs a break between assignments. His history in the recent past, with the Marlins, has been to leave once there is an offseason managerial change. While that may just be coincidence, it has happened before.

Then again, none of us are getting any younger and Hill is no exception. If he decides to take a year or two off, or retire permanently, we wish him all the best. But if he would like to continue coaching, the Marlins sure could use him.