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LDS Open Thread and Ichthyomacy (Day Five)

There is a full slate of games today.

The games today:

Game One: Rangers (Harrison) at Rays (Hellickson), 2:07 p.m. (TBS)

Game Two: Phillies (Hamels) at Cardinals (Garcia), 5:07 p.m. (TBS)

Game Three: Yankees (Burnett) at Tigers (Porcello), 8:37 p.m. (TBS)

Game Four: Brewers (Marcum) at D'backs (Collmenter), 9:37 p.m. (TNT)

As always, you will be picking the winner of each game. The player of the game and your AAB pick will be from the Brewers-D'backs game.

Ichthyomancy is kinda, sorta ready.

Best of Luck to You!