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It's Been a Lovely Cruise

Over six years ago I made my first post at FishStripes and 6,215 posts later, I'm making my last.

Now don't worry, FishStripes will continue on but just not with me at the helm. GameFish and I had long talks about this and we both decided to move on. On to where, I don't know, but to somewhere. The SB Nation has found another blogger to take our place and it should be seamless.

FishStripes has probably the smallest community among the baseball sites on the SB Nation, but that said, it has the best. I want to thank you one and all for our time spent together. You can never know how much it has meant to me.

As for Ichthyomancy, I don't know what will happen, that is up to the person taking over. So I leave it for them to decide.

I won't even start thanking people individually, there are really too many to thank and I fear leaving someone out. But be it known, you are the best and it has been a honor, a privilege and a pleasure to be the lead blogger for all these years. Now it is time to put my right hand on the starboard rail and my left on the tiller and sail for the horizon.

It's Been a Lovely Cruise.

I thank you all.