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Marlins putting together Coaching Staff

The Marlins are in the process of putting together the coaching staff for next season.

Marlins president of baseball operations Larry Beinfest said on Wednesday that the staff should be resolved by the end of October, but the organization hopes to have some decisions made sooner, perhaps by the end of next week.

"[Guillen] has some ideas on the coaches, and we're obviously retaining some of the coaches," Beinfest said. "We'll be able to put that together [before November]."

Joining Guillen from the White Sox will be Joey Cora, although his exact title hasn't been determined. Cora was the bench coach in Chicago.

From the Marlins' current staff, hitting coach Eduardo Perez has another year on his contract, and he will return, as will pitching coach Randy St. Claire.

Third-base coach Joe Espada and first-base coach Perry Hill both spoke with Guillen on Wednesday. There is a chance they will be back.


As for bench coach Brandon Hyde and bullpen coach Reid Cornelius, the organization will wait and see. Bullpen catcher Jeffrey Urgelles likely will return.

Took a bit too much of Joe Frisaros' article, but he probably doesn't read this blog anyhow.

Espada and Hill should definitely be offered jobs. The only one of the ones definitely returning that I'm sad to see is St. Claire. Though, I will say this, he is good for bar bets. After one of his visits to the mound, you can almost guarantee that on the next pitch, the batter will drive in a run. It is almost like clockwork.

Remember when Volstad sucked, that was due to St. Claire messing with his mechanics. Then Volstad went down (in the baseball sense) to New Orleans and all of a sudden, away from St. Claire's influence, he got better. Kinda makes one think.

Anyhow the staff is coming together.