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Hanley Ramirez to stay at short stop

As of now, the Marlins are planning for Hanley Ramirez to open the season as the Marlins' short stop.

Hanley Ramirez is doing well in his rehab and is still hoping to open spring training on time in February. Ramirez also plans to be back in his usual position — shortstop.

Ramirez said no one from the Marlins has approached him about playing another position next year, according to one of his representatives, Andy Mota.

This was backed up by David Samson today.

"There has been no conversations with that," Samson said. "I suppose if we sign a free-agent first baseman who would only sign with us if he could play shortstop, I guess that is the conversation we'd have with all of our players.

"But Hanley is our starting shortstop."

If the Marlins are trying to sign a first baseman who will only sign if he gets to play short, they are trying to sign the wrong player.

I agree with Joe Capozzi on this, it is not likely the Marlins will have Hanley change positions since he will be returning from shoulder surgery. It will be more than enough for him to get healthy, get his swing back, work on his range of motion, being able to trust that he can dive or swing a bat and not end up being hurt again. There is no reason to compound all of this with him learning a new position. At least not at this point.

This of course could change as time marches on, but it is highly doubtful. But if the Marlins do sign someone like Jose Reyes this conversation will be readdressed.