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Minor League Ball's 2011 Marlins Top Prospects

Our colleague, John Sickels, of Minor League Ball fame has posted his preliminary list of the Marlins 2011 Top 20 Prospects.

Florida Marlins Top 20 Prospects

John is very astute and very, very good at what he does but I'm not so sure I agree with the final assessment.  Yes, the Marlins farm system is thinner than in past years and it will take some changes (good draft picks for example) to build it back up.  But it can be fixed pretty quickly, if things go right.  As it stands at the moment, given how many young players have been promoted, it is still quite capable of fulfilling injury replacement needs, should they occur for the 2011 season.  Which is all we ask of it for the here and now.

Still don't know why Alex Sanabia isn't on the list.  Maybe I need to email John and ask.  And oh, Ozzie should be some sort of B.

Go read the post and see what you think.

Aside: I highly recommend that if you want to know about future major leaguers you purchase John's The Baseball Prospect Book 2011.  I do, every year.  It is the best around.