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Braves Sign Uggla to Five Year Extension

The Atlanta Braves have reached an agreement with Dan Uggla to a five year extension.

Let's let Talking Chop deliver the news:

The Braves and Dan Uggla agreed to a five year extension on Tuesday night, and the slugging second baseman will make $62MM over the next five seasons. The deal gives him the highest average salary for any second baseman in Major League history. Uggla, 31 in March, is the only second baseman in history to hit 30+ home runs in four straight years.

If you click on the link and read the post, you will see for the most part the Braves faithful are quite happy about the signing.

Personally, I was guessing the Braves would go into salary arbitration with Danny and then consider a four year deal next season.  But I was wrong.

The per-year money in the deal is about what the Marlins offered, but the front office couldn't commit to a fifth year.  I'm not sure I would've signed him for five years.  Maybe four years with an option.  But the Braves are happy with it, along with their fans, so I guess things worked out.

Now, what does this means to us.  It means we could be seeing a lot of Danny at the plate for many years to come and that ain't good.  This is why you don't trade good players to division rivals, it could haunt for quite sometime.