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Fish Fans Lose Another Home Series. We've Got A Bono To Pick...

For the second year in a row, it will be a 78-game home schedule for Marlins fans.

We complained last season when the Fish played a home series in Puerto Rico, but the Marlins were a lot closer in San Juan than they will be June 24-26, when the play a "home" series against the Mariners at Safeco Field.

Due to a scheduling conflict at Sun Life Stadium ("sure, U2, you can have a concert here. We've got absolutely nothing else going on at a baseball stadium in the middle of June"), MLB has moved the Marlins' series with the Mariners to Seattle.

Since the Marlins will be the "home team," they will bat last and play by National League rules, but being over 3,000 miles from their fan base, it's hard to think of the Marlins as "hosting" the series. Then again, there won't be many Fish fans in attendance, and it will likely be raining in Seattle, so the team actually might feel that they're enjoying the comforts of home. (No word yet on whether the Mermaids and Manatees will make the trip, but what a delightful treat that would be for the Mariners fans, and a reminder of home sweet home for the Fish. And if the plane happened to accidentally leave without them after the series finale...)

Maybe we're missing something terribly obvious here, but the Marlins-Mariners series ends the 26th, and the U2 concert isn't until the 29th. What exactly is going to require more than three full days of set-up, Bono?

Oh well. With the new stadium opening in 2012, there's hope the Miami Marlins will actually be in Miami 81 games a season.